The ABC’s of Indie Music part 1

We here at the blog have so selfishly denied the site any color up until now, attempting to project a sense of self-importance at the expense of any cheerfulness. After a long wait, Technicolor has finally arrived at Malleus&Incus and along with it, youth.

Let me begin by promising that this will be the first book my kids will ever read. If anyone in Williamsburg, Brooklyn decided to quit getting high (or maybe while very high) and write a children’s book, it would be Paste’s Indie Rock Alphabet Book. The alphabet isn’t perfect and includes a few artists that make you scratch your head, but there are enough gems to merit a recap. It runs the musical gamut from Animal Collective to (spoiler) The Zombies in a wonderfully educational summary of some of indie’s best artists. Buy this book for your little brother or cousin; try to eradicate bad taste at its roots. No matter how you take it, kick it back toddler style and relearn your abc’s. Summertime Clothes // Merriweather Post Pavilion

Having blown up from humble indie roots (not unlike another A band), Animal Collective has become more accessible with each album release. Infectious electronic keyboards and poppy tunes make this the perfect introduction to the indie alphabet.  Princetonians might remember Deakin at lawn parties this last year.

Piazza, New York Catcher // Dear Catastrophe Waitress

“Twee as fuck” doesn’t even cut it. Bell and Sebastian are shameless kings and queens of poppy vocals. Sounds sugar sweet, like earcandy if ever there was any.

I Found a Reason // The Covers Record

Beautiful woman making beautiful music.

Nothing Ever Happened // Microcastle

Deerhunter expertly captures the contradiction of a life that is stationary and yet moving at the same time. The familiar beats of an up-tempo indie rock song make no sense as a backdrop to the disinterested lyrics but Deerhunter somehow manages to make it work. The sound isn’t quite electronic but hints constantly towards it, giving the impression that this song would be best listened to at night in some futuristic city.

No Name #3 // Roman Candle

There isn’t anyone else with more unedited emotional capability than Elliott Smith. An entire lifetime’s worth of disappointment and disillusionment can be heard in a few minutes of his music. Elliott’s voice sounds like cloudy Sunday afternoons when a wind chills your skin. His work has gotten me through many less than happy years and I feel as if I owe something to him. More later. Much more.

Lost at Sea // I’m Going Away

Girl and Guy from Brooklyn… sounds familiar. Same weirdness, different sound.

Didn’t Leave Nobody by the Baby // O Brother, Where Art Thou? Soundtrack

Poor choice given the other indie bands that easily top this folk singer (Gang of Four, Godspeed you Black Emperor, Grizzly Bear etc.). O Brother, Where Art Thou? However, is a quirky Clooney movie that most people should watch.


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  1. Michael Mjollnir said, on August 5, 2010 at 8:38 pm


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  3. audio said, on August 13, 2010 at 11:55 pm

    elliott smith’s ‘between the bars’ always makes me yearn and ache for something so emotionally pure.

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