A Little Heart to Heart Music Group

Posted in Experimental, Glitch, Indie, Lo-fi by jurbanik on August 20, 2010

I’m pretty late with this, but I think everybody could use a reminder about Heart Music Group. The music management company is a recent project by Joshua Fisher that is attempting to help promote some smaller bands, and has acts like Baths, Kárin Tatoyan, and Fol Chen under its arms. I’m not going to claim that I completely understand how the project works, but if you want to check it out, the LA Times Blog is a start. Heart Music Group (HMG) put on a warehouse concert tuesday night (8/17), but I haven’t heard how it went. With the talent and energy that HMG brings, I’d be surprised if it wasn’t great.

However, of more relevance to this post (since I was nowhere near LA for the show) is the recently released EP ‘<3.’ It has tracks by Baths, Teen Daze, Light Pollution, Blackbird Blackbird, Gobble Gobble, and Kites Sail High. A lot of you would probably be interested to know that it is available completely free at HMG’s bandcamp (I love that website more and more every day). Because it is free, I’ll just embed the player, and link to some other tracks by each artist (gotta save some storage sometimes).

Nordic Laurel//Baths

First up on the EP is Nordic Laurel by Baths. Probably my favorite on the EP, Nordic Laurel is Baths at his best. Will Weisenfield specializes in an interesting lo-fi brand of glitch-hop that has made him all the rage these days. Whether creating hard bass beats with jams like Maximalist with its syncopated synth lines or a more chill track like Nordic Laurel that actually has vocals, the glitches keep you on edge and create some interesting rhythmic qualities.

June 2010// Teen Daze

The second track is June 2010 from Teen Daze. Teen Daze has recently skyrocketed in terms of my favorite new artists because of tracks like Saviour and Around. Their music seems to define the chillwave genre these days – synth arpeggios abound and along with glittery glo-fi melodic lines. In June 2010, however, they take a slightly different approach, with low bass and choral onomatopoeia dominating the intro until the drum machine steps in. The track almost develops like something out of Glu’s Beat It!. However, the track is great, and will get stuck in your head pretty much forever.

Magic Kingdoms Kick My Teeth In// Light Pollution

The wordy track title has some truth to it – Light Pollution’s contribution is a kicker. While most Light Pollution tracks are pretty chill, this track drives and drives all the way through to the last minute, where they resume their more mellow vibe and add the sound of wind chimes, harps, and various other instrument to a buzzing soundtrack – assuming that buzzing isn’t just the aftermath of the hammering bass. For more, check out a pretty extensive review at The Styrofoam Drone.

Left to Hurt// Blackbird Blackbird

I wish this track was longer. I swear my heart beats in time with the kickdrum while listening to the song – I’m left nearly gasping for air when it stops. As with most of the time when I listen to dream pop, I couldn’t tell you a single lyric from the song – I go into a daze by the third bar. The keys echo on and on lulling you into a debilitated state. I’d strongly recommend checking out Blackbird Blackbird on, they’ve got a bunch of free tracks.

Eat Sun, Son// Gobble Gobble

Not my favorite Gobble Gobble song, but sorta cool nonetheless. Gobble Gobble is one of those rare bands that you’ll hate at first, listen to a few times once someone recommends them enough, and then find yourself loving them 6 plays later with no idea why you like them. They’re an insane mix of noise, glitch, and turkeys. Sure, its innovative, but at least this track is just a little too much for me. If you’re into noise or glitch pop, take a stab at some more welcoming Gobble Gobble tracks like Meteor Eschat.

And Then What// Kites Sail High

An appropriate title for the ending track to a pretty great EP, Kites Sail High take the tempo down a few notches. They’re more of an ambient downtempo band than glitch, but And Then What features a hard drum beat where you might expect vocals, leaving you somewhere between being shocked and relaxed. Honestly, I don’t know much about Kites Sail High – they’re not as heavily blogged as the others. Maybe try Climbing Trees, it’s a pretty sweet track in the same vein as And Then What.


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