What Have We Done? (Old Ke$ha Demo)

Posted in Pop by jurbanik on August 23, 2010

Quick post to compensate for my way too verbose Djohariah analysis (though linking to Sufjan from this post just feels somewhat wrong).

I just happened across a track from a younger Ke$ha on my friend’s tumblr and I’m still in shock. The act responsible for my ‘Tik Tok’ and ‘Blah Blah Blah’ themed nightmares actually has a voice under all the glitzy synths, vocoders, and autotune.

Goodbye// Untitled Demo

In the words of my friend Leana (or as she’d like to be known, Leana the Great), “I don’t even understand. She doesn’t even sound like a scary gangster woman!” In fact, she has a pretty good voice, and was at one point capable of some natural vocal embellishments. Keep in mind this is Kesha Sebert seven years ago – don’t hope for this kind of material to come back. The song is still barely passable in the lyrics department, but the fact that she actually is able to sing made my jaw drop.

While I’m at it, I thought I would post some of the impressive acoustic versions of Lady Gaga songs (performed by Gaga herself). She has an amazing command of the keyboard, and really is quite talented despite all of her oddities. One of the few ‘pop’ artists that sounds good while live.

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