Hot New Vuvuzela Music!

Posted in Bossa Nova, Instrumental Hip Hop, Jazz by djandresen on July 15, 2010

Hi I’m David, and no, I’m not a DJ, but thanks for asking.  Now that the final whistle has been blown from the pitch of Soccer City Stadium in South Africa, I’m starting to experience some serious World Cup withdrawal.  No, really, it’s gotten pretty bad. This morning I took “penalty kicks” with a plush soccer ball on a goal I constructed out of couch pillows.  At the same time, I was also reliving some of the best and worst moments of the tournament.  Though some of the 2010 World Cup’s most memorable aspects had nothing to do with soccer (Paul the psychic cephalopod is the unofficial champion in my mind), there were plenty of calls and controversies that were sure to spark a debate among any self-respecting football aficionados.

It remains uncertain whether the arguments centered around this tournament will have a beneficial influence on the future of the sport (a future hopefully full of hovering Terminator-esque robot referees, who vaporize floppers without warning and self-destruct when when they happen to make a bad call), but it is clear that we have learned at least one thing from the most recent World Cup: everyone fucking hates vuvuzelas. Unfortunately, the influence of the vuvuzela has somehow moved past the stadium walls, and those seemingly innocent plastic hell-trumpets are giving horned instruments everywhere a bad name.