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Posted in Electronic, Female Vocalist, Pop by Giri Nathan on August 26, 2010

In an album chock full of gold, the coolest track often lies unnoticed. Amidst all the perfect pop songs on Gorillaz’ Plastic Beach, and amidst all the high-profile cameos — from Snoop Dogg to Lou Reed — it’s easy to lose sight of the best one.


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whooping throngs

Posted in Indie, Live Music by Giri Nathan on August 23, 2010

Epic songs call to mind epic scenes: rolling meadows, endless sea, snowy peaks (like you could almost see the hobbits trudging in the distance). Also, multi-million dollar stadiums. And when you find yourself in Madison Square Garden, like Arcade Fire did a few weeks ago, you play the venue to your advantage. The epic space was already there; they just needed to stuff it with sound. By chugging through a solid, stolid set, stowing away their not-so-secret weapon in the encore, they kept us writhing in our seats just waiting for the arena to erupt. Then they delivered.

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chilly musics

Posted in Electronic, Experimental, Hip Hop, Jazz, math rock, Playlists by Giri Nathan on July 26, 2010

It’s hot outside! Really hot. So I’ve been listening to songs that sonically cool me down, and hopefully they will have a similar effect on you. However, the “relationship” between music and temperature is perhaps, like my affinity for wombats, a weird subjective thing isolated in my mind that no one else really understands. Perhaps these songs will not cool you down. Perhaps they will have the opposite effect. In that case I apologize in advance and promise a follow-up post of musical moist towelettes. But if you share my (non)sensibilities, let me know! I am curious.



tunes to hate LeBron James to

Posted in Playlists by Giri Nathan on July 9, 2010

I, along with legions of fans and a couple major U.S. cities, am pretty angry about what just happened in the National Basketball Association. For those unfamiliar with the situation — although it’s hard to be, considering how huge of a media shitstorm the guy has sparked around himself — LeBron James is one of the best humans to have ever touched a basketball and he just decided where he was going to bounce and shoot that basketball for the foreseeable future: Miami. Along the way, he gave many teams (and fans) false hope. I am one of them; he did not choose to play for the New York Knicks. I am pretty sad about this, and about the way he went about this whole process. And I can’t even imagine how the people of Cleveland feel, having had some kind of collective spiritual/financial spine (i.e., Mr. James) ripped right out of that poor city in an unbearably cruel and nationally-televised fashion, and can’t even begin to approximate that — that combination of caustic scorn and doe-eyed sorrow — with any kind of musical suggestion. But I’ll give it a shot.┬áHere are some songs.



Posted in Lo-fi, Post-rock, Screamo by Giri Nathan on June 30, 2010

Hi I am Giri I don’t like driving but I like listening to music while driving! And driving music is a unique beast. Plenty of people are content with the Shuffling iPod; I never really liked fiddling with the device at the wheel, since I’m a heinous driver as is, so I stick with the ancient relics known as “compact discs,” which seem to sound better anyway. Now as for what I put on those discs…

You can pretty much divide driving music into two categories:

  1. music that is good to drive to because it is good driving music
  2. music that is good to drive to because it requires careful single-minded listening

If you’re lucky, you’ll get both in one tidy package, though it’s a tricky balance. Here are some things I’ve been listening to while cruising through suburbia and getting bogged down on Route 1 for unreasonable chunks of time. But mainly the latter.

Beach Fossils (category 1)

I for one am totally content with the current trend of sun-bleached washed-out “so chill right now” lo-fi. It’s in no short supply these days, and I think these guys are among the best of that briny bunch. As for their what they sound like: they sound pretty much exactly like their name. This is kind of a feat in itself. Beach Fossils are like a salty breeze coursing over my windows as I roll through the streets of my decidedly landlocked town — they radiate jangly, surfy hooks that ride slow dull waves of reverb, inevitably cresting on that one pensive, plaintive note. Crisp and simple rhythms set a rather pleasant tempo for automobiling (ho ho) and while I’m in the car I can’t help but feel that the sunshine’s being filtered through my windshield and out of my speakers. Admittedly there isn’t much variety on this album, but it manages to stay fresh, almost paradoxically, by being so frickin’ tired-sounding. “Daydream” seems the obvious standout in terms of sheer catchiness, but I personally refer “Twelve Roses.” Whole album’s worth a spin though.

Daydream // Beach Fossils

Twelve Roses // Beach Fossils