In Honor of the 2010 ICM

Posted in A Cappella by Sam on August 19, 2010

I haven’t talked about math much on this blog yet, probably because it’s a music blog. However, the 2010 winners of the Fields Medal were announced last night. One of them is former Princeton professor Elon Lindenstrauss, who many will remember from MAT 215 Fall 2009. For those not in the loop, the Fields Medal is a huge deal. Like…massive. Surprisingly, however, the award was not given for his formulation of analysis in terms of goblins giving you epsilons, but instead for his work in ergodic theory. In Dr. Lindenstrauss’ honor, and because this is Princeton and we fucking love a cappella, I now present the greatest math love song of all time, Finite Simple Group (of Order 2) by the Klein Four Group (with video!), after the jump.

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