You (Are Going To) Smile

Posted in Ambient, Art Music, Pop by jurbanik on August 18, 2010

Just a quick one today, folks.

Up until now, pretty much all of malleus&incus has been devoted to informing you about good music. For this post, though, I’m going to get a little silly – In fact I’m going to make a bit of a game of it. These songs are versions of songs that were with a program called PaulStretch, and your job is to identify what they actually are. There are a few rules: don’t cheat by looking at the soundcloud pages, and don’t scroll down and read what the originals are until you’ve listened to at least a few minutes of each track. There is a decent chance some of you may have seen these tracks online by this point – they’ve gone viral in the past couple of days.

Before we start, a little about PaulStretch. It is a program that was originally intended to slow tracks down or speed up tracks 50x or more to create audio textures. It uses several processes like spectral smoothing to take short ‘windows’ of music and stretch them , maintaining the qualities of the original song but essentially vectorizing and stretching the real audio. (more…)