Insert ‘bit’ joke here

Posted in chiptune by jurbanik on August 11, 2010

On the behalf of everybody at malleus&incus, I apologize for the lack of posts for however long it has been – it seems that we have all gotten rather busy with summer courses, internships ending, jobs, and whatever else. I also apologize that I am going to be triple posting – hopefully you’re not getting sick of my selections.

Just in case though, I plan on keeping this post rather short and going in a completely different direction than has been gone on malleus&incus thus far: 8bit/chiptune. Yeah, its not the type of music that you can listen to all day, but its a lot of fun every now and then. That said, I do realize that there are people who can listen to solely chiptune, and I can’t pretend to claim any sort of expertise in comparison to these people. I can’t tell the difference between LSDJ and a vanilla NES and have no idea what famitracker is or how someone goes about making music like this on a video game console. But I do know that there is quite an impressive range and volume of music being made, and feel like it deserves a little coverage.

Almost everything I know and all the music I have in the chiptune genre comes from a little website called 8bitcollective (or 8bc). The site is an open chiptune media repository – it has upwards of 23000 songs at this point, both extremely impressive and barely mediocre. I can’t say I sorted through a fair portion of these songs, but over the past few weeks, I have found a few I think are worth posting.