A Little Heart to Heart Music Group

Posted in Experimental, Glitch, Indie, Lo-fi by jurbanik on August 20, 2010

I’m pretty late with this, but I think everybody could use a reminder about Heart Music Group. The music management company is a recent project by Joshua Fisher that is attempting to help promote some smaller bands, and has acts like Baths, Kárin Tatoyan, and Fol Chen under its arms. I’m not going to claim that I completely understand how the project works, but if you want to check it out, the LA Times Blog is a start. Heart Music Group (HMG) put on a warehouse concert tuesday night (8/17), but I haven’t heard how it went. With the talent and energy that HMG brings, I’d be surprised if it wasn’t great.

However, of more relevance to this post (since I was nowhere near LA for the show) is the recently released EP ‘<3.’ It has tracks by Baths, Teen Daze, Light Pollution, Blackbird Blackbird, Gobble Gobble, and Kites Sail High. A lot of you would probably be interested to know that it is available completely free at HMG’s bandcamp (I love that website more and more every day). Because it is free, I’ll just embed the player, and link to some other tracks by each artist (gotta save some storage sometimes). (more…)


chilly musics

Posted in Electronic, Experimental, Hip Hop, Jazz, math rock, Playlists by Giri Nathan on July 26, 2010

It’s hot outside! Really hot. So I’ve been listening to songs that sonically cool me down, and hopefully they will have a similar effect on you. However, the “relationship” between music and temperature is perhaps, like my affinity for wombats, a weird subjective thing isolated in my mind that no one else really understands. Perhaps these songs will not cool you down. Perhaps they will have the opposite effect. In that case I apologize in advance and promise a follow-up post of musical moist towelettes. But if you share my (non)sensibilities, let me know! I am curious.



Ragni: Lost at Sea

Posted in Experimental, Folk, Indie, Record Review by jurbanik on July 16, 2010

There are a few gems in my music collection, but for me none is as treasured as Ragni’s sole EP. To be honest, I found Ragni completely unintentionally: my discovery was the result of a random Google search for the word ‘somnambulist.’ A technical term for a sleepwalker, I had merely searched because the word seemed so cool. Since then, despite Ragni dropping off of Google’s front page, it has become one of my favorite words, mostly because ‘The Somnambulist’ is the beautiful second song of the Ragni EP and I want as much as possible to do with that song.

The twenty-five minutes of music included on the EP may be all the recorded music of Ragni’s that the public ever gains access to, but in reality, it is enough. The EP is one where the songs can be listened to individually, but the recording really becomes its own when listened to collectively. Because of the importance of each part to the whole, I will post all five songs given that you promise to listen to them all.


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What Up, Wendy Heller?

Posted in Art Music, Experimental by Sam on July 12, 2010

Lately I’ve been getting into a lot of 20th century American experimental composers. I feel like even though part of me still loves blasting Trash Talk or Lady Gaga (fuck the haters) in my car as I drive around town, another part of me is getting kind of bored with that. I feel like my entire (musically-interested) life, I’ve been trying to push my listening boundaries. Initially that took the form of looking for heavier and heavier music. I’ll admit it – I went through the shitty metal phase in middle school, then moved on to grindcore/hardcore in high school (which is probably equivalent in some readers’ minds to the shitty metal, but that’s beside the point). Along with heavier music in high school, my tastes broadened as well. I began to listen to rap, something I would never have done during middle school. I listen to country regularly. I even started cranking a little Rigoletto in my car on occasion. However, during the last few months I’ve felt the growing need to explore even more. Spring semester I took an intro class in music, and the stuff toward the end is really what stuck with me. These composers were and are pushing the boundaries of what music is. I’m not going to try to be super erudite about this shit and I’m definitely not the most informed person in the world on these composers/genres, but I will talk about why I like it and why I think it’s cool. (more…)