The ABC’s of Indie Rock part 2

Posted in Acoustic Guitar, Alternative, Folk, Indie, Lo-fi, Playlists, Punk, Rock by dc3 on August 13, 2010

Jumping right in from the last post:

Sequestered in Memphis // Stay Positive

Though they formed just six years ago, the Hold Steady has a sound that feels like it came straight from the ‘80’s. It’s a modernized, Midwestern Springstein with a classic rock feel. Such a strange strange sound.

Love Vigilantes // Around the Well

So folksy I wanna die. Sam Beam never sings above a whisper so his voice feels like it’s right up against your ear, like if you and him were stuck in a small room together and his  face was the only thing you could see in the dark. (more…)


Something Different

Posted in Punk by jawillisetc on July 23, 2010

I appreciate friendly dudes gently strumming acoustic guitars, I really do, but man, we’re sorta suffering a glut of the gentle/acoustic/ folk stuff here at malleus&incus. Nothing personal guys, but don’t you ever get tired of all that….prettiness? Frankly this is all just too damn pretty for me, I need some filth, some juvenile cynicism, some fucking Big Black.

Steve Albini, in addition to engineering some of my favorite albums (Surfer Rosa), writing in several ‘zines, and generally being an asshole, has fronted several bands. Although he was a member of both the adorably named Rapeman, and Shellac, which is still active, my favorite Steve Albini project by far is his work with his first band, Big Black.


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