This is What Happens: An Album Review

Posted in Indie, Jazz, Record Review by jurbanik on August 14, 2010

Those of you who have been following malleus&incus know by now that I’ve been planning on reviewing The Reign of Kindo’s new album, This is What Happens, for quite a while now. I hinted in my chiptune post that the review was coming soon, and much earlier on mentioned that I was anticipating the album to be one of my favorites of the year (in my post on indie jazz).

The Reign of Kindo live

The other day, I sat and listened through all of the This Day & Age songs I have, every single released The Reign of Kindo album/ep in chronological order, and Jeff Martin and Steve Padin’s album ‘The First Joke & Other Matters.’ I’ve waited several weeks and several listens before attempting to tackle judging this album, and yet I still don’t feel qualified to have a real opinion. Part of the problem is that the album keeps growing and morphing on me as I notice different subtleties, part of it is that I just don’t feel a little biased. But as it is, I’m tired of waiting, and I’ve finally decided ‘well, the time for a review is… now.’


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The MashoChist: An Album Review

Posted in Dance, Electronic, Hip Hop, Mashup, Record Review by jurbanik on August 2, 2010

One thing we have a lot of at Princeton is pride. I can’t speak for everyone else, but when a Princetonian does something extraordinary, I feel like the accomplishment is partly mine. As far as music goes, we have plenty to be proud of: our multitudinous A Cappella groups, the soaring vocals of Phyllis Heitjan, the jams of Shape Machine, the smooth jazz of our very own Keshav Singh, the talented compositions of members of the Undergraduate Composers Collective, the ever evolving Funkmaster General, the afro-beat influenced Sensemaya, and any number of other musical acts impress me each time I get a chance to listen.

This past year, though, has brought about the rise of a duo that has the potential to be one of Princeton’s most successful acts. DJ Zesty (Lester Nare ’13) and Gudda Gallin (Max Gallin ’13) have been making mashups for nearly a year under the pseudonym The MashMaticians. They are rumored to be adding a third member soon, but honestly, with the tight production these guys have, I don’t know if they need it. Whether they’re mashing up songs you can’t stand alone (Owl City’s Fireflies and Lil Wayne’s Fireman here) and making it sound good or mashing two songs you’ve never heard before so well you can’t tell it isn’t the original song, it is obvious that they have some serious talent.


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Ragni: Lost at Sea

Posted in Experimental, Folk, Indie, Record Review by jurbanik on July 16, 2010

There are a few gems in my music collection, but for me none is as treasured as Ragni’s sole EP. To be honest, I found Ragni completely unintentionally: my discovery was the result of a random Google search for the word ‘somnambulist.’ A technical term for a sleepwalker, I had merely searched because the word seemed so cool. Since then, despite Ragni dropping off of Google’s front page, it has become one of my favorite words, mostly¬†because¬†‘The Somnambulist’ is the beautiful second song of the Ragni EP and I want as much as possible to do with that song.

The twenty-five minutes of music included on the EP may be all the recorded music of Ragni’s that the public ever gains access to, but in reality, it is enough. The EP is one where the songs can be listened to individually, but the recording really becomes its own when listened to collectively. Because of the importance of each part to the whole, I will post all five songs given that you promise to listen to them all.


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